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Fully Booked

Dance Theatre for Children of All Ages

Fully Booked Theatre

Founded by choreographer and performer Jennifer Essex and poet Harry Man, Fully Booked Theatre joyfully blends the worlds of dance and poetry together to create energetic, interactive and endlessly inventive dance theatre performances and workshops for children aged 0 to 101. 

The company delivers indoor and outdoor performances and workshops, collaborating with established partners both nationally and internationally from the worlds of literature, fashion, music and technology.

"It’s rare to see a children’s show that has all of these combinations; storytelling, dance, participation, music and lots and lots of fun!"

Claire Bigley, Creative Producer

at Tmesis Theatre on Space Rebel Princess.

Our Projects & Partners

Space Rebel Princess

Our most recent project is Space Rebel Princess an interactive dance theatre show for children aged 5-9 and their families.

Mixing retro science fiction with fast-paced physical comedy, it tells the story of a princess raised for royalty but not for rocketry, who has rebelled against her strict upbringing, to go in search of her long-lost grandfather by blasting into space... with YOUR help!

Space Rebel Princess is a brilliant little show for children
with a childlike playfulness at its heart.
A great experience for those that took part
and fabulously entertaining for those that watched.
Genuinely playful genius.”

Adrian Turrell-Watts



A fearless young princess raised for royalty but not for rocketry, dreams of becoming an astronaut.


Outsmarting the confines of her palace upbringing, and with the help of the audience, the princess must break free of the fear that holds her back, and boldly go where no princess has gone before! 



Inspired by Helen Sharman and Tim Peak, who have both inspired young people into careers in science and engineering, through their travels into space, Space Rebel Princess seeks to empower young people, to inspire in them a life-long love of stories, and to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

• For children 5-9 and families
• Collaborative with audience participation:

   - Decipher alien messages!
   - Assemble a giant rocket!
   - Float with the princess
      in zero gravity!
   - Save the world!



Children get involved, helping the princess to achieve her mission as constructs her first ever rocketship in a land where reading and writing has been outlawed…

This is a small-scale work focuses on innovative audience engagement and adventure. Space Rebel Princess combines clowning, physical theatre, dance, craft and poetry to create a piece of joyful, genre-bending performance.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Runtime: Approximately 25 minutes


We can provide a variety of bespoke workshops for your school, university, community group or festival.
Below are some examples of what we have done in the past.

Imagined Worlds

Create your very own planet with award-wining poet Harry Man. Children will invent their own out-of-this world experiences in this highly imaginative, collaborative poetry workshop.

For children 5-8 years old
Maximum participants: 15
Duration: 45 minutes

Superhero Dance Party

In this fun and energetic dance workshop, we’ll explore our superhero selves. Faster than speeding bullets and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we’ll dance our way through a heroic 45 minutes.

For children 3-6 years old
Maximum participants: 15
Duration: 45 minutes


Check out what we got up to
with these awesome Teesside pupils
in Middlesbrough Library!

How we made it

Want to know how we made
Space Rebel Princess?
Read all about it in
The Dance Current

"Choreographically, I wanted to get a clearer understanding of how dance for children can be immersive, relevant and fun. I came across the work of Dr. Beth Juncker, professor of cultural communication at the University of Copenhagen, who has written extensively about child culture. In particular, Juncker puts forward the idea that there is a dichotomy between theatre that treats children as “beings” (the child as artist and critic in their own right) and children as “becomings” (the child as the adult they will one day become). This struck a chord with me, as so much dance-theatre I had seen in the past was very top-down – looking at children as nascent adult audiences, presuming that children would be engaged with cultural memes and willing to sit through and keep track of longer didactic narrative sequences." 

Who We Are

Jennifer Essex

Choreographer & Artistic Director

With over 15 years of professional experience, Jennifer has performed across Canada, Europe and Mexico. She’s performed in the feature films Anna Karenina and Les Miserables and toured with “Ben Hur Live” to arenas across Europe, including London’s O2. Her digitally interactive outdoor dance work REPLICAS was premiered at Stockton International Riverside Festival in 2016. Jennifer’s works has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England, Pavilion Dance, Dance City, Middlesbrough Council, Stockton International Riverside Festival, and Tees Valley Dance, among others. Jennifer is a Senior Lecturer in Dance and Performance at Teesside University where she is the module leader of the Children and Young People’s module.
In this photo Jennifer is testing her rocket engines.

Who We Are

Harry Man

Writer & Technical Developer

Harry was a 2016 Clarissa Luard Wordsworth Trust Poet in Residence. He was also a 2016 TOAST Poet. His most recent pamphlet, Finders Keepers, a collaboration with the artist Sophie Gainsley, was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award in 2017. He has also taught in schools throughout country in libraries, schools and community centres in Cumbria, Sussex, Oxfordshire, North Yorkshire, Somerset and Kent among other places.
In this photo Harry is blasting into space.




DN Festival, Doncaster
27th July - 28th July 2018

Tamworth Library
1st September 2018
11:00am and 2:00pm



Sandbach Festival of Transport
22nd April 2017

YoungFest Liverpool
2nd June 2017

Middlesbrough Library
1st July 2017

TRAction Festival Crewe
7th July 2017

IncludFest Darlington
15th July 2017

Tram Sunday Fleetwood
16th July 2017

Includfest Durham
18th September 2017 

"Space Rebel Princess is an interactive, playful
and highly skilled physical performance for little ones and families.
It’s rare to see a children’s show that has all of these combinations:
storytelling, dance, participation, music and lots and lots of fun!
This show would work indoors and outdoors
and gives children an opportunity to engage
in a thoroughly creative 30 minute show.
A delight!"
- Claire Bigley, Creative Producer
for Physical Fest and Tmesis Theatre

Humpty Dumpty

An eggsclusive interview with the legendary Humpty Dumpty; dancer, dreamer,
bon viveur, olympic trampolinist and confronter of large walls, all the way to his eggstraordinary downfall and a life-changing operation performed by an unlikely combination of every available human and horse.


Along the way we dance with key figures from Humpty Dumpty's life including best friend Jimmy Bacon and glamorous Hollywood starlet Tessalino Tomato and rebellious up and coming pop star Fred Lettuce, as Humpty Dumpty discovers that it takes more than horses and men to be put back together again.


This show promises to be a zany, inventive, sparkling eggstravanganza – as children help to retell Humpty's incredible story through dancing the sizzling bacon dance, scrambling like an egghead, learning to ‘shoop’ with horse doctors, destroying ridiculous walls, and by joining in a huge dance party with all
the kings horses, men, women and equine medical eggsperts
from throughout the galaxy.

Status:  Hatching 2018.


Want to book a show? Tell us about the weather?
Living on a strange planet and experiencing rocket trouble?
Get in touch!